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Before and after comparisons of our interior design projects are fairly rare for us, as we nearly always forget to photograph a property prior to starting any works, then curse afterwards wishing we had remembered... and sternly telling ourselves that we must remember next time!


Bedroom before interior design

Luckily, in this case we did remember to take some before photos - we just had to! The before pictures are so awfully bad that we thought no one would believe us if we described it, and to top it all off, the works had only been completed a few years before! The bedroom, you would believe dates from 1935, apart from the light bulb, and we love the prickly nylon headboard... but someone must have loved it and felt happy when they opened their eyes every morning to take it all in and enjoy.

What we did...

Bedroom after interior design

We provided a full height headboard with an indestructible wallpaper finish, a frieze above intersected by a strong border, with a painted and gilded plaster roundel to the centre to offer a little interesting detail.

We added adjustable reading lights to each side of the luxurious new bed, along with smart modern timber and glass bedside tables, a dressing table and stool, a comfortable chair sits to the far corner for reading or contemplating life's moments, along with a glass fronted wardrobe and a modern Venetian blind replaced the original lush curtains and pelmet... all of this sitting on a polished oak floor to provide a glorious bedroom worthy of a lay in.

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