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Sometimes our clients find it very difficult to jump the wider river of period or modern when faced with the decision of a home refurbishment, or buying a new ‘older’ property. This can quite often be seen as the move of a lifetime and therefore, also the refurbishment of a lifetime, and has to meet all the needs justifiably expected of it.

We are very aware of the London Georgian townhouses stripped to their bones and bleached ‘dead’ white, allowing strange, sparse furniture and overactive artwork to create and stamp the style.

Seemingly now, that vicious hardness is softening to colour, tonality, a little softness and functional detail. Not for its own sake, but to enhance and embrace the original build period of the property.

So much can be achieved when desiring to add better and more to an existing framework of proportion and style, bring in futuristic elements and up to date expectations is vital... but with care and especially flair!

It is so sad to see the demise of potentially wonderful interiors to the short timed victims of fad.


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