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Quality interiors stand the test of time

We were recently invited to visit a property which we completed an entire home refurbishment and redecoration on some years ago. When we first entered the property, it was in an unfortunate state, having slipped into a horrid decline in the years before our client’s purchased it. You know the usual state of degradation, confusion with odd, non-matching doors, inappropriate purple and lime green wallpaper along the staircase and landing. Bathrooms with plastic bath panels, basins with small wobbly taps and a ceramic pedestal with pipes hanging out. Let's not forget to mention the stained kitchen units with missing doors and tiles.

Anyway, we were engaged by this lovely couple who could see beyond the mess, and we turned it into a beautifully styled house and home, considering every detail along the way. Every room was a masterpiece, enriching the original period detail, shape and feel. Balancing appropriate cabinet work, colours, floors, drapes, furniture and lighting.

When we visited them five or so years later, we were astonished at the vast amount of collectables they had acquired and moved in. An extensive collection of still life oils, modern glass pieces and European and American bronzes - all of which looked wonderful and only added to the style and finish we had achieved.

Our most recent visit was to meet the new owner of the property, with the original client’s having moved back to the USA. The new owners were moving in and the whole house in its entirety was fantastic, little furniture had arrived and no dressing whatsoever. From the more ambitious schemes and colouring we had achieved, down to the fine and considered detail, the whole house remained a beautifully balanced and exciting space. Even without all the pictures, glass and bronzes, there was so much space, but not empty, lost, missing space... The whole house miraculously retained its atmosphere, style and quality of the time the refurbishment was completed.  

Money well spent for 16 years of luxurious enjoyment, where every night, morning, and day your spirit and emotions would float with pleasure… and with only a few minor alterations and repairs, the house was ready for another family and another era!

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