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Interior design in a nutshell

Always, always, use a professional interior designer as you would a professional lawyer, fireman or architect. Unless of course, you are a complete lone wolf, or that you think painting everything white or taupe has anything to do with interior design other than being void of any level of taste. It’s just what middle aged ladies do to Cotswold cottages.

The question is what level of professional services you do you require, and what do you want, or expect to achieve?

Interior design is a label so often grasped at by builders, curtain fabricators, even carpet suppliers. All these peripheral types should be avoided as their skills and knowledge will be narrow and limited to their own interests.

Also to be sidestepped are the top end antique or contemporary furniture, furnishing and art buyers and providers. Unless that is the particular service you require. However, there are of course, for those requiring what is normally understood to be an ‘interior design service’, many options available. Offering a variance of levels of skills and service for you to choose the best bet to achieve your expectations.

The most common is showroom practices, who will hold accounts of wallpaper and fabric companies, and probably sell a plethora of lamps, ceramics and shiny trinkets. It is most likely that they also have a regularly used upholsterer and curtain make up workshop, if indeed they don’t have their own.

These setups will specialise in being your best pal and professionally lead you through the process of redecorating and refurbishing your home, but will usually specialise in the colouring, fabric and furnishing aspects, whilst utilising other ‘pet’ independent services, frequently beyond the showroom designers skill and time levels, for kitchens, bathrooms, build services and flooring for example.

This then forms a group design dynamic, splitting responsibility, design and care. So often this goes along with the ‘what we have done before’ route, with a sparkle of the ‘latest trend you must have’, hard marketing and a flurry of magazine cuttings hard off the scissors.

Therefore this is mostly ‘not’ the work or production of a unique vision, but a system of multi reproduction with variabilities and for many this offers a full and satisfactory process and realises many happy dreams across the spectrum of costs.

Alternatively, there are interior design consultants, the grouping Burchell & Burchell would be part of, mainly without the retail showroom and stock to sell. At this level, you would expect a greater depth of design knowledge and experience, with a higher level of potential creativity and ability throughout, and especially towards, period or specialised properties. Interior design consultants will produce qualitative drawings for your perusal, eventually proffering precise specification drawings covering all aspects for the trades and artisans to work to. With projects normally managed and overseen from the first interview, all the way through to completion, often concentrating on only one project at a time.

Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and libraries are often dealt with in-house to ensure the integrity and consistency of the design remains true, with the knowledge and expertise at this level ensuring even the smallest item is sourced independently and on merit for the project - producing a unique and special result if that is your dream...

Costs are extremely variable and the consultant route is not necessarily the most expensive of all. Therefore the most important decision is to choose the right designer for you, by talking to as many as possible (if they charge for this, they are not the right ones). Only then can you set your course with an easy heart and confidence with someone whose skill, knowledge, experience and sole aim is to achieve your perfection, for you.

Remember, you will never get more out than you put in, so choose carefully!

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