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Interior design in a new house

New house, our dream come true... the position, the size... and the kids are going to adore this... this has to be our home forever!

No, no we can handle the interior design ourselves, no need for the expense... we have lots of furniture and with what we save we can buy a piece of modern artwork as you see in all the magazines.

I’ve tried so many swatches, I think we will stick to brilliant white. It’s so easy... so clean... everything goes with it.

Except it looks dead. As dead as the bleached bones of extinguished life. Nothing subtle, no detail, no shadow, no life. No ambition, no joy, no emotion... just furniture and dressing floating off a neutral floor in nothingness. So much missing, extinguished and lost!

Brave new world of dullness and nothing, ‘but we like it’. Maybe we should have left this page blank... and white!

Please use an Interior Designer!



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