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How do you begin the interior design process?

So often the question put to us is “where do we start?” on a new interior design project. Our answer is always the same, “where you want to be at the end?”. With any project, it is normally a hell of a voyage up from the centre of the earth. There are many questions to ask before starting - Does the roof leak? Are the walls and plaster sound? What heating is preferred or desired? Are any building extensions, alterations or repairs required? What changes are needed to the existing plumbing and electrical layouts to cope? What is the state and condition of the hard floors?

Quite often it’s not a refurbishment project without a new kitchen and some ‘special’ bathrooms. Then there are the client’s, without whom we wouldn’t be here in the first place. What attracted them to buy the property? Is the period aspect important, which is always present, even if it was built last week? Is it the space, the layout, the formality? What are the general requirements that fit the individual and families way of life and what makes the house work for them?

What are their spiritual wants and needs? The refinement and detail that will make this property so important at those special moments. To be an efficient working space, to provide a comfortable family home, to seduce visitors and provide the right atmosphere to entertain and then some. To be a joy on a summer morning and an inspiration on a cold winters evening. So not much of an ask then! 

Well, you can only progress with one question, on one level at a time. We have to work through each layer asking lots of questions of the client’s, if they are the sort to answer lots of questions, and some are definitely not, then we have to ask ourselves trillions of questions with millions of options, producing proposals for each room and each area... until they all miraculously tie together with only the best connecting to be as a perfect unified oneness. 

As you can see, we do not work to a formulaic ideal where all interior design projects end up looking more or less the same. We don’t have a ‘taupe team’, nor a ‘mirror, black and marble gang’, nor even a department dedicated solely to ‘let’s be dead and paint everything white’. It is just hard slog with big splashes of inspiration, like anything in life worth doing. 

Once complete, the pain and distress of the hard work fades and lifts one's spirits with the inspirational beauty that is achieved with colour, texture, form and light, creating one-off special homes, houses and spaces - whether large or small, tall or flat. The comfort, flow, efficiency and the impact... back where we started, with where do you start!

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