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Choosing the right interior design style

How do we decide what look or style to achieve with a home refurbishment project, or how to decorate and furnish a brand new build property?

Obviously, the main deciding factors are the property itself - the time, style and period it was built will bear the trademark DNA of its “period”. Some period builds are strong in their presence, and some less so, depending on the size and richness of the build - either way, it will have an indisputable presence.

Following hard on the heels of the period is what does the client want? Having just invested all they have into the future, into a building they can comprehend as being home, it needs to excite them hugely by turning it into their “home and haven”. After these discussions, we'll agree with the client what style the property will take. The property itself will not yield too much, but will bend some - if the client absolutely disliked high ceilings or small windows, then we have to presume that they would not have even bought the property!

As well as the client’s wants, come their needs and desires... this usually comes via a file of photos of friends home interiors, hotel rooms and cut-outs from magazines. These examples are fantastic and give us a huge lift towards the desired outcome and expectation - but then comes the fad of the moment or latest trend, which could be a colour fad, a certain style of armchair, a particular style of kitchen or a certain way of hanging draperies...

This is usually followed by the blows of "I can’t live with green… any green!", "my Mother hates blue… anywhere!". So, we wonder how do you cope when enjoying a stroll down a tree-lined pavement on a summer afternoon? Or a picnic in the park? One has to consider these everyday occurrences!

This is where the tricky bit hits, trying to minimise and level out the faddish wants, which of course are being hard sold everywhere but will shortly look out-of-date shortly when the next trend arrives. There's an art to doing this without upsetting the client and still respecting the period styling of the property. Luckily, we can offer the best ideas to help achieve the best solutions based on the client needs.

Whilst on the period of property aspect, this can be rigged up to enhance and enrich, either in a full-on way or with a subtle influence. This is where it all goes into the mix and we can offer proposals that style the property using what works best, helping to achieve a perfectly beautiful and attractive but hard-wearing home.  All of this can be achieved whilst still taking into consideration the period and the client’s wants and needs.

Without balancing these necessary facets, you will always end up with the wrongness of an old man in teenagers clothes, a maiden aunt still in her ballerina tutu or Charles Dickens in a punk outfit... creating the right interior design style for a property is a specialist profession. Some people may be gifted to do their own with no trouble, but most cannot, or simply do not have the time to figure it out, but that's where we come in!

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