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Beautiful bathroom renovation

Ground floor bathrooms, now there’s an exceptional opportunity for a special room and interior design project! Sometimes these rooms have to share their space with a washing machine and tumble dryer, or even boots and coats, but if that can be avoided and a separate space found for that necessary but dull and smelly kit, all the better. The ground floor bathroom is a haven in any home and therefore deserves to be treated as a special place, with rich inputs of detail and identity. It could take on almost any identity, fantasy or style you wish and will say so much about your personality, no matter what period or style your home follows.

It is such an important space as it is only ever used by one person at a time, whether that’s family, guests, friends or yourself, everyone should enjoy this room and it should be a sanctuary for peace and contemplation. Maybe those family holiday shots and school photographs are misplaced and should be introduced for unique styling that induces thought, emotion, politics, humour or inner peace.

We produced this beautiful ground floor bathroom in a traditional thatched farmhouse in the South West. The room is simple but has everything you need, containing only a WC, a hand basin and heated towel rail, it is generous in size and very comfortable, with underfloor heating to warm the rugged limestone floor. We designed bespoke match board panelling, half height, painted in a glorious cornflower blue with lit open cabinets and contrasting interiors with glass shelves either side of the large smart white ceramic basin - complete with very stylised taps!

Bathroom renovation

A hand-painted tile panel by ‘Fired Earth’ was purchased and the advised layout of the design reworked and re-positioned so that it set out to have a mirror in the centre. On the opposite wall, we designed and built a useful cupboard with a round-arched top alongside a pair of doors sitting beyond the match board panelling, and behind the WC.

This bathroom lies only a few paces across a lobby from the dining room and proffers the loveliest haven of luxury and beauty harboured within the whole decoration of the house. It is a space to relax, take a moment and enjoy.

However, the chance to make a more personal statement is always tempting, perhaps with an inspiring or a quizzical quotation in raised lettering, like in the picture below in the painted frieze running around the room above the ceramic tiles. It may just raise an eyebrow, instigate a conversation or perhaps a chuckle.

We have helped with so many downstairs bathroom designs over the years, creating custom bathrooms that are unique to each client. This is a room often used as a break from the styling used elsewhere throughout the house and is a little haven in which to be alone.

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation and need a hand creating bespoke interiors, contact us on or 07929 419406.


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