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An apartment that wows...

Our client came to us looking for interior design advice that would transform their apartment hallway and wanted to create a “wow” factor upon entrance. We took the project into our hands and through our vision to create a hallway that made you smile and lifted your spirits, we reinvented the space, transforming it into a luxury interior that enhances the existing architecture. 

Using our design expertise, we planned and built custom blue panelling alongside a handpainted panel with a willow frond hanging over sunlit gold, silver and copper leaf,  implanted to give a dynamic shock. This formed a dramatic backdrop for the sunburst mirror and modern console - lifting it into another world and creating the wow factor our client was after. The result of this work was a very happy client that wears a smile on his face everytime he enters his apartment!

If you’re looking for creative interior design company, we can guide your project every step of the way - from the planning stages through to creation. Get in touch on or 01935 817336 / 07929 419406.


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