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A special commission in Nevada to create a very unique home

Burchell & Burchell are an English company of great skill and reputation. Determinedly staying small as, only taking on one project at a time to allow them to concentrate totally on every specific element and detail, whether in the UK, US, Europe or beyond. Over their 35 years in business, although cautiously avoiding the spotlight, they have created some wonderful homes for delighted clients.

Burchell & Burchell’s aim was to craft a home embracing the owners tastes, needs and aspirations. Bringing joy at all seasons of the year, from dawn until bedtime. No specific style of design would be right, neither too much ‘in trend’ input would satisfy. Therefore Burchell & Burchell worked on creating a unique blend of their own to weave a textured blend of informal, off key relaxed grandness to utilise the high ceilings and good sized spaces. So visually you felt comfortable with two of you at home, and yet to feel great when full of friends and family. The result to be utterly dateless and the client’s new home unique.

The En-suite bathroom

The opening from the bedroom leads to the spacious en-suite bathroom. Designed to lift you from the subtlety of the bedroom into the joviality of life. The patterned and bordered mosaic floor to ensure good grip for dry and wet feet.

Opposite a uniquely styled vanity cabinet is set between the windows with huge storage for all ones necessary little things, both under and beside, as well as the large lit mirrored cabinet over with the lovely contrasting lining.

The pale quartz (remodelled stone) worktop and splash back, inset with a pair of hammered bright steel basins with European efficient and handsome faucets sit over the locally manufactured cabinetwork designed by Burchell & Burchell. These are finished with a three dimensional timber laminate and a polished acetate surface giving waterproof finishes. 

A very private Japanese style “shower WC” sits neatly within the layout.

The shower head area gives a rich lofty but bright down beat of light and range of showering from the one off laminate and glass ceiling fixing. The further lighting offers an interesting element to the effect.

The glossy reflective shine to the large single glass panel allows entrance at each side to the walk through shower, faced with the beautiful Dynamic blue marble supplied by Nova Stone US. Contrasted by a paler beautifully marked type of granite tiles throughout the other walls.

A truly inspiring bathroom where spending hours is the ultimate pleasure.

Almost every component in this refurbishment was available locally, with only one or two small specialist pieces selected and imported into the US. All the manufacturers and artisans were employed locally. Burchell & Burchell visits were minimal, their work of the fullest drawings, manufacturing and specifications were produced in the UK and scanned to the various participants in Las Vegas.

All the lighting, with all the ceiling lights, fans, and wall fittings are all of US manufacture. All the European plumbing elements are available locally and throughout the US. All the furniture specified in this project is from US companies and available throughout the US.

Every element was personally designed or specified by Burchell & Burchell uniquely for this project.

Burchell & Burchell are available for commissions to create special homes for special people. Quintessentially English Interior Design.


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