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A hall that wows

This hall was desperately plain and we wanted to transform it into something that would make a real impact when guests arrived and entered. Luckily, we had a blank canvas to play with, which is our favourite way to start an interior design project!

After discussions with our client, Phil set to work. First up was to cover the window at the lower end in a panel format on both sides, creating additional space to work with and hang more artwork to create a much more interesting space. Alongside this is the cornice shape reflecting the doorway next to it in a Georgian styling. The cornices were designed with more traditional styling to continue the mix of old and new, complete with a painted finish.

We also created a library area to house many books, as well as extra wardrobing. The bookcases were open shelves made of a lovely wood veneer, with a slightly modern twist to amalgamate old and new. On each shelf, we added a strip of LED lights with a baffle to illuminate the books. We painted the wooden doors on the wardrobes, with the same veneer inside. These add plenty of storage space for shoes and outdoor coats, a must have in an apartment.

The marble topped floor with red detailing on the tiles, was laid with underfloor heating, adding a touch of comfort and warmth to the hallway - perfect for the colder months. We also chose a grand ceiling light to add a luxurious vibe to the hall, the light is crafted in coloured gilt wood with five lights, again this is a very traditional feature but it works so well to compliment the space.

So, now we have a hall that creates a wow factor upon entering, and ultimately the best use of space we could create from a very plain beginning!

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