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A hall that wows
Feb 12 2020
This hall was desperately plain and we transformed it into something that would make a real impact when guests arrived and entered....
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An apartment renovation in Dorset
Aug 12 2019
This special apartment in Dorset was once loved and cherished by the previous owner... but everything has its day!...
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A special commission in Nevada to create a very unique home
Mar 18 2019
A special commission in Nevada to craft a home embracing the owners tastes, needs and aspirations. Bringing joy at all seasons of the year, from dawn until bedtime....
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A special commission in Las Vegas
Jan 28 2019
A special commission in Las Vegas to create a very unique home. Our aim was to craft a home that embraced the owners tastes, needs and aspirations....
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Interior design in a nutshell
Sep 24 2018
Always, always, use a professional interior designer as you would a professional lawyer, fireman or architect....
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Benefits of hiring an interior designer
Aug 03 2018
If you’re thinking about hiring an interior designer but feel a little unsure if it’s the right move for your project, we’ve come up with some reasons to help you decide....
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Special bedroom design
Jun 04 2018
Bedroom interior design is about creating a room that stands out from the rest of the property but with an added personal touch - a place to escape, a place to relax and a place that feels like home....
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An apartment that wows...
May 09 2018
Our client came to us looking for interior design advice that would transform their apartment hallway and wanted to create a “wow” factor upon entrance - we took the project into our hands......
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Cottage in the woods
Apr 17 2018
We feel the before and after shots of this countryside cottage, situated deep in the woods, show the benefits of hiring a professional interior designer. This spacious kitchen, diner and sitting room area needed more than just a new kitchen!...
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What a professional interior designer can do!
Apr 05 2018
Before and after comparisons of our interior design projects are fairly rare for us, as we nearly always forget to photograph a property prior to starting any works, then curse afterwards wishing we had remembered. Luckily, in this case we did remember!...
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Beautiful bathroom renovation
Mar 12 2018
Ground floor bathrooms, now there’s an exceptional opportunity for a special room and interior design project!...
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Choosing the right interior design style
Feb 28 2018
How do we decide what look or style to achieve with a home refurbishment project, or how to decorate and furnish a brand new build property?...
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How do you begin the interior design process?
Feb 16 2018
So often the question put to us is “where do we start?” on a new interior design project. Our answer is always the same, “where you want to be at the end?”....
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Quality interiors stand the test of time
Feb 05 2018
We were recently invited back to a property which we completed an entire home refurbishment and redecoration on some years ago. When we first saw the property, it was very sad, having slowly slipped into a horrid decline in the years prior to our client’s purchasing it....
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Jan 19 2018
Sometimes client’s find it very difficult to jump the wider river of period or modern, when faced with the decision of a home refurbishment or buying a new older property....
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Our favourite dining room design project
Jan 03 2018
We thought it would be good to revisit a favourite house where the client’s wanted us to create a different ‘stand out’ dining and entertaining space....
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What is a traditional bathroom?
Dec 12 2017
We were requested for a traditional bathroom by clients for whom we were refurbishing their newly bought home, but what is a traditional bathroom?...
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Interior design in a new house
Nov 22 2017
New house, our dream come true... the position, the size... and the kids are going to adore this... this has to be our home forever and we can handle the interior design ourselves!...
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America Las Vegas
Nov 06 2017
We are well underway with our second project in Las Vegas in a private single storey home, built within the beautifully landscaped golf courses on the periphery of Vegas and the world famous ‘Strip’....
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